Turbo Blower / Turbo Compressor

Harmonic Filter

Harmonic filter HF1
• HF1 series maintain optimum power quality by removing harmonics arising from 3-phase 6-pulse rectifier(diode) or the power conversion unit or nonlinear load.
• Products designed based on IEEE-519 and provide performance of THD-V 5%, THD-I 8%.
• Simple at installation and maintenance and semi-permanent filter.
Problem of harmonics
Harmonics inflow of arising from nonlinear loads affects a fatal on the electrical, electronic equipment, and cause the malfunction and burnout due to reduction capacity of distribution transformer.
• Malfunction of the control system by harmonics
• Capacity reduction of distribution transformer and cable overheat
• Reduce lifespan of the transformer and rated capacity
• Malfunction of peripheral control equipment
• Overload of rotary machine and power loss of distribution line
Block diagram

Installation effect
• Improve power quality
• Increased system capacity and distribution transformer
• Energy savings
• Mitigation of noise about nonlinear load
• System loss reduction
• Precision instrument malfunction protection
• Thyristor control unit
• UPS, Rectifier
• Industrial inverter
• Turbo blower, Turbo compressor
• DC motor drive
• Nonlinear load as a rotary machine

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